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1991 Autumn Salon of Modern Fine Arts, Sofia

1992 Fine Arts Exhibition “Autumn`92”, Sofia

1992 Autumn Exhibition of UBA (Union of Bulgarian Artists), Plovdiv

1993 Exhibition “Colors”, Plovdiv

1993 Exhibition “Painting and Water Colors“, Plovdiv

1993 Annual Еxhibition of UBA, Plovdiv

1994 Exhibition “Spring”, Plovdiv

1994 Contemporary Review of UBA, Plovdiv

1995 Fine Аrts Spring Exhibition, Sofia

1996 Exhibition “Artists from Plovdiv”, Sofia City Gallery, Sofia

1997 Christmas Exhibition, Sofia City Gallery, Sofia

1998 Exhibition “Kemal Ataturk”, Istanbul, Turkey

2001 National Exhibition “South Bulgarian Artists”,Plovdiv

2003 Exhibition “Old Town”, Plovdiv

2005 Gallery “Classics of Fine Art”, Novotel Plovdiv, Plovdiv

2006 Gallery “Indjov”, Plovdiv

Solo exhibitions:

1994 “Edition Gallery”, Luxembourg

1995 “Gallery 88”, Luxembourg

2002 Gallery “Philippopolis”, Plovdiv

2002 Gallery “Veda Art”, Sofia

2004 Gallery “Nikos”, Basel, Switzerland

2005 Gallery “Domenicо Calleida” Lugano, Switzerland

2008 Gallery “Arimex”, permanent exhibition, Rhodopa House, Pamporovo

2008 Gallery “Art spektar”, Plovdiv

2009 Gallery “Gammalleria”, Sofia

2012 Gallery ”Finese”, Sofia

2014 Gallery ”Finese”, Sofia

2016 Biennal, Burgas

International events:

2011 Biennale Chianciano, Italy

2012 “Liberated Dreams”, International Exhibition, Ferrara, Italy

2012 "Biennale of Chianciano 2011 in London", "Gagliardi" Gallery, London, England

2018 20ème Salon des peintres du Marais



2011 Second Prize for Painting by European Confederation of Art Critics, Biennale Chianciano 2011, Italy

George Simov was born in Plovdiv on 25.04.1950. He is a member of the Union of Plovdiv Artists, a branch of the Union of Bulgarian Artists. He is an artist with rare talent and strong sense of tonality and color. He is one of the few artists in Bulgaria capable of using a multitude of colors in a painting without making it gaudiness. His style is directed to the abstract expressionistic painting. His images have a special structure due to the specific technique of the author. Erotic, associative and ecological themes predominate in his artworks аnd recently - Landscapes and Still Live. The artist has taken part in number of exhibitions of regional, national and international levels.

Biennale Chianciano 2011, Italy becomes recognition for George Simov's unique talent. Apprise of European Confederation of Art Critics – Second Prize for Painting, places him among the most interesting contemporary artists in this international forum.

Some of the artworks of George Simov are owned by private collectors in the USA, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Japan and Australia.